Friday, June 28, 2013

The Moment Is Upon Us

How will I feel?  Will I be safe?  Will I be as excited in Haiti as I am right now?

Eighteen of us have taken time out of our busy schedules to come together and travel to a country that most of us have only read about.  We all have questions.  We all have doubts.  We each will struggle to cope when we are pushed out of our comfort zones.  Each of us will search to find a purpose and meaning in what we will see.

The mission trip we signed up for months ago is now upon us.  The pre-trip preparations are all complete.  Items are purchased, donations collected and everything is packed.  We are now faced with a couple of days of quiet waiting and reflecting on what we are about to embark on.

There will be joyous times.  There will be uplifting moments.  There will also be days filled with introspection.  All of this will come together to make a permanent imprint on us and the way we look at things. We will all be affected differently, but this is certain, we will all be affected.