Saturday, March 29, 2014

Riley Schatz Post

Status Update
By Riley Schatz
We don’t say no to our children because we don’t want them to have a tantrum.
They can’t say yes to their children because they don’t have food.

We battle obesity.
They struggle with starvation.

We have plenty yet still refuse to share.
They have almost nothing but will share with a total stranger.

We have healthcare for animals.
They have never seen a doctor in their entire life.

We complain when the vending machine is out of a certain type of soda.
They pray the water truck stops in their neighborhood this week.

We have a car.
They have no shoes.

We carelessly throw good things away.
They look through garbage looking to salvage something of worth.

We go to Haiti to serve them.
They end up serving us.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Another great day!

We were out the door a little before 6am to worship with the Haitians this morning. Pastor Gary even flipped onto English from time to time. Music we sing at home! AWESOME!

Today we sorted our supplies into bags and went to a tent village right  behind us. It is hard to explain the living conditions.

Food delivery and other donations was orderly at first...but then it got chaotic.  Desperate people. We hope we got most of the tents..but it is hard to know where you missed as they all look alike.

We also delivered medical supplies to nurses at a hospital. We had water to deliver to patients and a care packages. Each bag had a beanie baby in it, which the children liked. There were some really sick babies. Heartbreaking.

When we returned to the guest house,  the 'athletic' among us played soccer with the neighborhood kids. Fun. We had Coke shirts for them, which they loved, and we gave them each a bag of donated items and Feed My Starving Children food.

Our team shares honestly and I can see God tugging on our hearts. We definitely are here for a reason...and I think it is more than serving these dear people in Haiti

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, march 20th- A time of touch

Today was a day that is hard to explain! Very emotional for me! We first stopped at Redemptor's School to just see the school and kids. The kids there didn't seem as needy as they have families but still enjoyed our visit! It is hard to explain their school...we will be posting pictures I'm sure! Then we had a tour of Grace Village. It's unbelievable how it has been built up over the years...from dorms for both boys and girls, the school that holds 300 kids,  feeding center, medical center, 4 new buildings that will be for the kids to move into for a a more "family" experience, a new church, and much more! Then we visited 5 of the 30 elders that Healing Haiti care for. That was quite emotional for me to see them, the conditions inwhich they live, 2 being blind, one 100+, and a handicapped boy who was 18. Made me so thankful for all we have for our handicapped daughter, Heather. We sang for them and prayed for them, washed them up and lotioned them, and brought food and drink for them! We then dropped off 15,000 meals from "Feed my hungry children" to two of the schools. I don't  think my life can be the  same after this experience! Very thankful that God directed me to come to Haiti! We have an incredible team...I can't believe I have just known them for a few days..we are such a family here. Jeff, who is the founder of healing Haiti, and who is with us has shared and encouraged us in our walk with the Lord....we need to move and go where God leads us. Watch for the open doors! Thank you Jeff for your love for God and your willingness to seek Him for your direction in Haiti!

Lindy Larson

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Memory making in Haiti

Wow, this is my first time in Haiti! Even after seeing pictures from my sister, Judy Wicklund and my son, Jeremy's trip last year you can't really understand the needs here in Haiti or realize what its like here until you come. Yesterday was an awesome day loving on the handicap children and the sick and dying. I felt so blessed as I have a handicap daughter who is 38 and we have pretty much all that we need for her and have wonderful help for her cares. Today with the water runs, seeing how people live (and what they live in)  and how desperate they are just to receive clean water just breaks your heart. The children are so hungry for love and touch. As we get out of our vehicle the children just want to be held. Many times you see team members holding 2 kids! Holding a child and carrying a bucket of water is kind of challenging! The travel around here is unbelievable...especially getting through intersections. Anxious to see what tomorrow will bring. Appreciate your prayers for our team.

Lindy Larson

All who are thirsty...come!

Water at home. Scary in water balloons...or squirt guns. Just rocks thrown at each other as they argued over water...or water buckets.

Delivering water to desperate people is very rewarding. We filled up three big trucks...the people lined up. A fire hose fills them...the women and kids haul them to their shanty in Cite Soleil...the poorest slum in Haiti...which is now the poorest country in the world. I can't help but think of the 7 places in my house where I have both cold and hot water instantly. How is that fair? Wish we could make life easier for these sweet families. Fighting over a bucket doesn't seem so unreasonable anymore. It is one of her few possessions.

Our team cleaned up by going to the nearby hotel to swim in their pool. Refreshing...after a busy day.  Again...a real contrast to the slum we just came from.

Pizza for dinner tonight...and cold Coke. Refreshing!