Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Greetings from Haiti!
I am happy to report that are trip is off to a fantastic start! We are a mighty team of 16 women (4 teenagers and 12 ladies). The intergenerational mix is so awesome as the women serve alongside each other in powerful ways.
Yesterday was a big day for everyone. We started our day delivering water to the people in Cite Soleil. If you are unfamiliar with Cite Soleil, it's the poorest of the poor. It has been said to be the poorest place in the Western hemisphere. Yet, when you are there you see joy in many of the children. How can this be? The children of Cite Soleil came running yesterday when our water truck showed up and our ears where overcome with the all familiar phrase, "pote'em, pote'em"... hold me, hold me! With their little arms lifted high each women reached down and scooped up as many little ones they could unaffected by their nakedness and filth. It truly was a beautiful scene to watch as the women gave of themselves in such an abandoned way. The women worked hard carrying water buckets back and forth to the different makeshift homes made of tarps and scraps of metal or wood. It was an eye opening experience for everyone! Even more amazing was to see the future site of Hope Church that is being built right in the middle of Cite Soleil. So awesome to see God’s presence break into such a dark place.
Today we are preparing to visit Gertrude's (orphanage for mentally disabled children) and home for sick and dying babies. There is much love we will be pouring out on all these beautiful children. God is at work and we are thankful for His Spirit that leads us and guides us.  
We appreciate your prayers and support!!
Glwa Pou Bondye Pou Toujou!!

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