Monday, June 16, 2014

Young Adult Team: Day 1

Today was a day of divided travels. 6 of us boarded Delta flights out of MSP with a brief layover in Atlanta and then a 2 and a half hour hop to Port au Prince. 4 of us did the same only on American flights and through Miami. Our Ohio team member had some unfortunate flight delays and eventually a cancellation. They airline put her up in a hotel and she is scheduled to fly into Haiti tomorrow morning. The rest of the team is excited for Cassie to get here tomorrow. So we pray that the Lord blesses the rest of her travels and gets her here quick!

Other than that, everything went smooth for the rest of the team today. The two flights arrived at roughly the same time and we were able to get our luggage corralled. After waiting for Cassie for a while, we made our way out of the air port to the tap-tap. We loaded up, and made the trek to the Guest House. 

We spent some time resting and getting acclimated to the guest house. Some set the table for dinner. Some organized the donations we brought into piles designated by where they are going. We toured the other guest house and hung out on the upstairs patio for a bit. Then we made our way back and ate a great dinner. After dinner we walked to a local hotel that allows us to use their outdoor pool. It was very refreshing as virtually all of us are noticing the difference in heat and humidity.

After getting back, we cleaned up and then gathered in the “living room” and had a time with the whole group. Dave read some things for us and then we did the “word of the day” – for those of you unfamiliar, it is an exercise where each person has to share with their group what their “word of the day” is. It causes people to reflect on the day and to begin to process through what God is teaching them. It’s real good.  Then we went over the plan for tomorrow and at about 8:45pm everyone was released for bed and by 9pm the halls were empty and silent. I think the crew was pretty tired.

Tomorrow is Home of the Sick and Dying Babies, soccer with the neighborhood boys, and Gertrude’s. Now, it is time to rest. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Keep them and it coming!


p.s. I offered and encouraged others to volunteer to write the blog at some point through out the week, but when it was announced that people could go to sleep... everyone bolted to the sheets. So hopefully tomorrow we will get some other perspectives. 

Over and out. 

Check out some pictures from the day:

 3:45am - Ready to go!

 Team Delta en route (ATL)

Team American en route (Miami) 

We made it!

Tap-Tap ride back to the guest house

 Tap-Tap ride back to the guest house

Checking out the upper patio

Walking Up to swim

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