Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 2: Home of Sick & Dying Babies | Apparent Project | Gertrudes

Day 2 was wonderful for our team. We woke up and after a wonderful breakfast and some time of preparation, we hit the road to the Home of Sick and Dying Babies, where we spent time with sick babies and orphans: feeding them, holding them, playing with them, feeding them, etc. At noon we went back to the guest house and ate our snack lunches and recuperated. Cassie finally made it and was waiting for the rest of the team at the guest house when we got back before lunch. The whole team was (and is) very excited to have her here. After a bit, we went to the Apparent Project and got a tour and bought a few things. Then we came back to drop off our purchases and then went to Gertrude's. We played with the special needs kids and the other children. It was a lot of fun. We finally ventured back to the guest house for dinner and then walked up to the pool - which was very refreshing after the long day. We had our group time, played a game, and now everyone is in bed. We are excited for delivering water to Cite Soleil and a tent city tomorrow. Everyone is doing great and did a wonderful job with everything today. God is good! - LG

Here is a word from one of our team members:
Today, I woke up motivated, with a clear mind and strong desire to serve the Lord. My experience today was one that I will never forget and is further instilling me with a strong desire to serve the Lord by loving "the least of these" in 3rd world countries. We went to several places today, but my favorite aspect of the day was bringing joy to the young kids at Gertrude's (orphanage and home for the special needs kids). There were so many emotions that went through my mind as I saw the faces of each of the kids. One of the experiences that truly brought warmth to my heart was bringing joy and laughter as I pushed young kids on the swing set. I felt an awe-inspired passion to love the kids as much as I could with the short time we had. God is working in my heart, quieting my soul and speaking to me today and I believe in my heart that after this week, when I go back to the United States I will have a greater passion and desire to serve the Lord in different countries and become the man he has called me to be on this earth. 
- Isaiah Bawek

Enjoy pictures of Day 2!

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